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Civil & Site Contractors

Civil & Site Survey Company

When it comes to Civil & Site Surveying in Central Florida, PSquared provides years of experience and knowledge in the field. We offer construction layout services on rough grading, finish grading, water utilities, sanitary sewer utilities, drainage structures, curbs, & paving.

Civil & Site Surveys

Commercial & Industrial Builders

Commercial & Industrial Survey Company

PSquared Survey provides surveying layout and as-built services for all types of Commercial & Industrial projects. Our big picture approach includes the review of structural drawings, architectural drawings, and any appropriate shop drawings before any field staking is anticipated.

Commercial & Industrial Surveys

General Land Surveying

Commercial & Industrial Survey Company

At PSquared Survey LLC we realize that surveying plays a major role in the construction process, which is why our team is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. We perform boundary surveys, topographic surveys, flood elevation, and more!

Boundary & Topographic Land Surveys

Rely On True Construction Experience

Have you lost confidence in your surveyor due to inexperience, conflicts in scheduling, lost trust, inability to deliver in a timely fashion or amateur mistakes?

Many land surveying companies provide construction layout services as a sideline or after-thought to their primary focus of boundary surveys, topographic surveys and clients such as banks, title companies and residential home owners.

Technicians employed by those land surveying companies may not have the experience to know the difference between a catch or spill-out curb, spread footings, or grade beams and tilt-up panels or precast panels.

Entrust your project to proven construction experience. Construction layout is the process of examining the construction plans for the project, preparing calculations, sketches, and an action plan in order to mark or stake on the ground the location of the proposed improvements to the project site. The points set on the site serve as a reference and guide for each craft to properly place and construct the intended improvements represented on the construction plans. Construction layout is our core business. Put your project in the hands of our trained personnel who perform these tasks on a daily basis.

Our Commitment To You

Our foundation is based on a thorough knowledge of construction procedures, and our senior personnel are experienced and know construction inside and out. We pride ourselves on being willing and able to come onto a construction project at any stage and for any reason, and are able to assess the situation promptly. Our response is quick, we show up on time and will get the job done.

  Do You Have An Emergency? We’ve Got You Covered

Have you ever needed a field crew on site as soon as possible because a lumber delivery truck accidentally backed over several survey stakes set just a day earlier for the site crew? In that moment of panic, you may call for a survey crew, but there’s a good chance that they will not be able to return for a couple of days. As a project manager, an issue such as this one can be extremely frustrating and can also delay site work significantly.

As a construction survey layout company, we get urgent calls like this on a weekly basis. We know the pitfalls of stakes being destroyed or other unexpected obstacles, all of which result in the project schedule being impacted. We cater to the construction industry, and have made it our priority to relieve some of these obstacles and headaches involved in your day to day activities. We can usually schedule a survey crew on very short notice- sometimes even on the same day, or at least the very next day. We’ve got you covered because we know your business!

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