Who We Are

Our staff consists of experienced and properly licensed employees with many years of experience who possess the most desirable abilities and attributes. Three positive traits our most trusted employees must possess to be successful in our construction surveying layout endeavors are good analytical skills, excellent communication skills and the ability to utilize common sense to solve problems during the construction process.

Our employees have sharpened these skills with the knowledge and work experience gained over several decades in the construction industry. We have not only provided construction surveying layout services to contractors for many years, our employees and owners have in the past, in some form or another, provided labor, supervision and guidance as actual employees and supervisors of contractor companies. We understand your business! We know what it is like to start work a 6:00 am and work until the daily goals are met. We know what it is like to depend on other subcontractors or suppliers to be punctual and arrive on site when needed. And that is why we are committed to being on time and accomplishing the necessary tasks on a daily basis for our clients.

What We Do

We offer Construction Surveying Layout Services and As Built Location Services to civil/site contractors and commercial and Industrial contractors in Central Florida. Construction Layout is the process of examining the construction plans for the project, preparing calculations, sketches and an action plan in order to mark or stake on the ground the location of the proposed improvements to the project site. The points set on the site serve as a reference and guide for each craft to properly place and construct the intended improvements on the construction plans.

Another essential service we offer is the location of constructed site improvements and the preparation of As Built drawings. The preparation of the drawings and supporting field work are supervised, signed and sealed by our corporate manager and Licensed Professional Land Surveyor.

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