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P Squared Survey, LLC provides construction surveying layout and as built services for any and all site work activities. Site work usually consists of most everything on a site except for the physical building or structure, and can be categorized into three main tasks: Site grading, paving and drainage, and utilities.

Site Grading

Site grading or earth work is the process of excavating, moving, compacting and constructing items associated with the fill material (dirt, earth, etc.). This includes such things as retention ponds, roadway beds, building pads and rough grading for parking lots.

Paving and Drainage

Paving and drainage activities include the installation of storm structures, storm drainage pipes, roadway base material, curbs, gutters, and pavement (asphalt or concrete).


Site utility work consists of the installation of water lines, fire hydrants, sanitary manhole covers, lift stations, sanitary gravity line, and sanitary force mains.

Elevation Certificates

An Elevation Certificate is an important document that records your building’s elevation. Elevation Certificates can be provided to insurance agents if you live in a Flood Hazard Area to ensure that your property is properly protected and that you are not overpaying on your premiums. The higher the elevation of the structure in relationship to the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), the lower the risk and the lower the insurance premiums.

  Do You Have An Emergency? We’ve Got You Covered

Have you ever needed a field crew on site as soon as possible because a lumber delivery truck accidentally backed over several survey stakes set just a day earlier for the site crew? In that moment of panic, you may call for a survey crew, but there’s a good chance that they will not be able to return for a couple of days. As a project manager, an issue such as this one can be extremely frustrating and can also delay site work significantly.

As a construction survey layout company, we get urgent calls like this on a weekly basis. We know the pitfalls of stakes being destroyed or other unexpected obstacles, all of which result in the project schedule being impacted. We cater to the construction industry, and have made it our priority to relieve some of these obstacles and headaches involved in your day to day activities. We can usually schedule a survey crew on very short notice- sometimes even on the same day, or at least the very next day. We’ve got you covered because we know your business!

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